Link Sourcery is Now PitchResponse!

LinkSourcery is now PitchResponse

We’ve always loved our playful name. C’mon, how can you not like “Link Sourcery” – it’s magical! But we recognized that while the name highlighted one benefit – links – it ignored the many other benefits our platform offers both contributors and journalists.

Unfortunately, the “Link” in the name was inadvertently causing confusion and misalignment when performing outreach to journalists & publications. So like every brand, we’re learning and evolving. 

What does this mean for current & future users?

  • Renewed focus for 2023 on helping contributors land more placements.
  • More non-HARO opportunities!
  • A dedication to better enabling journalists and their workflow.
  • A stronger brand to compete with the big boys.

Contributors love having opportunities from new domains.

With our new brand name, PitchResponse will be able to reach out to ‘Publishers’ with authenticity in our offer to help them source pitches.

What’s in the Name? 

We worked together with the 99 Robots team of designers and developers to identify a brand that captures who we want to serve and then design a compelling new brand style and website. 

After careful consideration, PitchResponse was unanimously perfect. It serves both experts and journalists from every perspective.

  • Experts pitch journalists with their valuable contributions.
  • Journalists review responses to their requests. (i.e. PitchResponses)

Our new brand encapsulates our new focus areas:

  • Communication between experts and journalists
  • Focus on all the PR benefits
  • Highlight the app’s ability to help experts identify the right opportunities and journalists to identify the right experts
  • Be different

We want Experts and Journalists to be partners working towards crafting amazing content that generates massive PR for contributors.

In our opinion, the PitchResponse brand captures exactly that!

  • The letters “PR” are immediately noticeable speaking to both journalists and experts.
  • The mark forms a chat bubble to represent the communication between these parties.
  • The off-center negative space is a nod to being different and true to our mission.
  • The logoType includes an “O” bullseye to highlight our focus on better targeting.

We’d love your feedback – what do you think?

PR Horizontal Logo 1

What’s Next?

Morgan & I have a *lot* more planned for this platform! I’m excited to announce new feature roll-outs in the coming months, features which will benefit *both* Publishers & Contributors.

We’re grateful for all of the PitchResponse (formerly Link Sourcery) community so thank you for joining us on this journey!

For today, please enjoy our new website 🙂

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