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Find out how PitchResponse will save you and your team both time and money on your SEO and brand development. Easily pitch journalist expert requests, or search through our database to reach out directly.

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Pitching Assistance

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PR Opportunities

Still Paying Agencies Big Bucks to do Your Outreach?

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Retainers that don’t promise concrete results

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No central source for opportunity stats

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No transparency on your team or agent performance.

Join the thousands of businesses that have streamlined their business the modern way with PitchResponse.
01. Pitching Made Easy

Search Journalist Newsletters Like a Pro

Poring through daily journalist newsletters can be overwhelming. It is hard to know when the right opportunity will come up while also filtering out what is irrelevant. Time is the primary reason business owners don’t do more outreach and we’ve implemented the right featuresets to enable businesses and brands to easily find and pitch the best opportunities.
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Filter Opportunities Using The Right Metrics
With years of experience in the link building space, we’ve carefully selected the most relevant metrics for you to find the right opportunities for your business, including the following:
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Custom Filters

Filter journalist requests based on what is important to you in real time.

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Just trying to build links to your site? No problem, because you can see a publications backlink policy before you pitch it, saving you many hours.

Get Alerted When a Relevant Opportunity is Available

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly get alerted about relevant PR & backlinking opportunities as they arise? This is what we did with our email and Slack notification system.
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Email Notifications

You simply input keywords related to your business and PitchResponse will alert you if a journalist puts up a relevant opportunity.

Slack Alerts

This is just like our email notification system but geared for businesses that use Slack regularly.

SEO Metrics Made Easy for Business Owners

At PitchResponse, we have taken metrics from multiple SEO tools and combined them with our own in-house research to make it easy to understand which opportunities to prioritize.

Domain Rating and Traffic

Now you don’t need to pay for expensive SEO tools if you just need the basics. We provide this for you next to all of PitchResponse’s opportunities.
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PitchResponse Score

Not sure which metrics are important to you? No problem! We have taken all of the important metrics for SEO and combined them into a single score that no other platform uses.


Wonder if an opportunity is worth your time to pitch? Now you can see which publications are most likely to feature your contribution using our difficulty score!
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02 Unique Opportunities
Find Pitch Opportunities Sourced by PitchResponse
We have opportunities submitted directly to us that you may not find anywhere else. Some of these will convert at a much higher rate since they are available just for PitchResponse users.
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03 Professional Pitch Assistance

Tutorials and Tools Designed by Professionals

Our tools as well as video and written tutorials were designed from years of SEO agency research and are based off of tens of thousands of successful pitches and thousands of successfully PR and SEO placements.
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Expert video tutorial assistance for pitching

When you sign up for Pitch Response, you’ll have access to outreach tutorials and videos seen nowhere else:

Not Sure How to Pitch? No Problem?

With our in-house developed pitch optimizer, you can ensure that you use best practices on all of your outreach emails. Once you get a score of 100%, you are ready to hit “Send”!
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Set Up Your Pitching Email in Minutes

Tired of outreach platforms with complicated UI/UX and finicky email setups?
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One-Click Authentication

We have one-click Google authentication for emails and SMTP setup for other ESPs

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Email Test Automation

Test your email once it is set up simply and with 1 click

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Easy Signature Setup

Easily set up signatures and more in platform.

04 Journalist & Blogger Database

Our Expertly Curated and Sourced Journalist Database

Our journalist database includes information on over 200,000 journalists and bloggers, and was painstakingly audited to ensure accuracy. We include information that can be found nowhere else, including which journalists and bloggers are associated with well known platforms.

Search by Publication as Well as by Journalist/Blogger

Increase your odds of success by pitching multiple journalists and bloggers who work at a single publication. We’ve cross referenced our database to indicate which publications are linked to which content creator.
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Here's what PitchResponse Customer's Say About Us:

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I love just about everything with PitchResponse. Looking at an email inbox all day is a thing of the past for sure! Overall 5 stars from me!

How PitchResponse Works

Filter for only the best contributions, auto-reply rejections, and keep all communications out of your personal email inbox. PitchResponse not only saves you time, but also protects your privacy.
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Setup is easy: just follow the simple steps to name your project, choose keywords, and connect multiple emails using our 1 click authorization process, or feel free to use our SMTP instructions.

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Set up whichever outreach filters you need on PitchResponse’s easy to use dashboard.

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Now it’s time to start outreach, and with our pitch optimization process and saved templates, it is easier than ever!

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Review data between projects to get an easy overview of how your business is performing with journalist outreach.

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