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Discover how agencies are revolutionizing their journalist and blogger outreach across multiple platforms, as well as sourcing unique opportunities from our publisher database.
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Journalist and Blogger Outreach

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Opportunity Filtering & Link Stats

Still Shifting Through Bulky Newsletters and Struggling to Monitor Your Projects?

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Poor pitch conversion rate.

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Using outdated publisher emails.

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Unsure where to find relevent opportunities for your clients.

Join the other agencies that are already ahead of the curve on PitchResponse.

Never Miss the Perfect Pitch for Your Client

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Our Filter Options Were Designed for SEO & Marketing Agencies

Whether you are serving clients on an SEO or PR level, our search filters allow your team to find exactly what they are looking for.

Keyword Search

No more tedious combing through a newsletter. You can filter for exactly which keywords are relevant for your clients. This feature also works with our publisher database as well as our live pitching opportunities.
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SEO Metrics

Designed to save time, we put the important authority and traffic metrics next to each opportunity so you don’t need to look it up.

Innovative Backlink Policy Metrics

We let you know each publication’s backlinking policy so you don’t need to guess through trial and error. Only looking to land “dofollow” links? Just check out the link policy before pitching.
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Never Worry About a Missed Opportunity

Sit back and let PitchResponse send the perfect pitch opportunities straight to your team:
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Plug in Your Keywords at Setup

When you set up a new project, enter keywords to alert your team when each new opportunity is posted.

Email & Slack Notification

Whether you work on email, or Slack, we have you covered! You will receive detailed alerts that link directly to each opportunity on the PitchResponse platform.

Save Your Team Hundreds of Hours by Pitching the Right Way

Poorly done outreach doesn’t just cost you time, it also comes with lost opportunity costs. PitchResponse was designed by an agency that specializes in media outreach, and their years of experience went into making this the ultimate pitch optimizer.

Easy to Set Up Pitching Emails

We make it easy to connect your outreach email, and toggle between multiple inboxes, so you don’t miss a beat!
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1-Click Google Authorization

With all Google accounts it is as simple as 1 click to connect your outreach email with PitchResponse. If you don’t use Google, no worries, you can still manually connect your inbox using SMTP!
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Saved Signatures and Templates

Keep your signatures and templates saved so you can quickly provide publishers with all the required information to get featured in an article.
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Email Toggling

This super handy feature allows you to toggle between email inboxes while pitching. No more logging in and out of inboxes.

Never Send a Bad Pitch Again

With our in-house developed pitch optimizer, you can ensure that you use best practices on all of your outreach emails. Once you get a score of 100%, you are ready to hit “Send”!
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Easily Manage Multiple Projects and Inboxes

Every SEO & marketing agency needs to be able to manage multiple client projects and emails on-platform. When you set up a project on PitchResponse, you can add multiple emails, and restrict access to the specific team members:

Learn to Pitch From the Best of the Best

When you sign up for Pitch Response, you’ll have access to outreach tutorials and videos seen nowhere else:
Learn to Pitch From the Best of the Best

Our Manually Curated Database

Our publisher database includes information on over 200,000 people, and was painstakingly audited to ensure accuracy. We include information that can be found nowhere else, including which journalists and bloggers are associated with well known platforms.

Search by Publication as Well as by Journalist/Blogger

Increase your odds of success by pitching multiple journalists and bloggers who work at a single publication. We’ve cross referenced our database to indicate which publications are linked to which content creator.
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PitchResponse updates user experience over outdated email inboxes

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I love just about everything with PitchResponse. Looking at an email inbox all day is a thing of the past for sure! Overall 5 stars from me!

How PitchResponse Works

Filter for only the best contributions, auto-reply rejections, and keep all communications out of your personal email inbox. PitchResponse not only saves you time, but also protects your privacy.
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Name your project, choose keywords, and connect multiple emails using our 1 click authorization process or setup an SMTP email.

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Set up whichever outreach filters you need on PitchResponse’s easy to use dashboard.

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Now it’s time to start outreach, and with our pitch optimization process and saved templates, it is easier than ever!

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Review data between projects to get an easy overview of how your organization is performing with journalist outreach.

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