Meltwater Review: Can It Help Your Business Media Relations?

Meltwater Review

Media monitoring plays a crucial role in public relations (PR) and marketing strategies. Proper execution gives you first-hand insights into your brand reputation, top competition, target market, and media relations.

However, media monitoring isn’t as simple as most newbies think. With more than 1.14 billion live websites, manually collecting information through search engines no longer yields results.

Try monitoring with nothing but Google search techniques. Even if you limit yourself to exact results, you’ll still have to comb through thousands of web pages.

Nowadays, it’s best to use media monitoring tools. 

One system you might have heard of before is Meltwater. It promotes itself as an integrated social solution to the media monitoring and sales intelligence needs of business owners.

However, does it produce reliable data?

To help you decide whether or not to invest in Meltwater, we’ll flesh out its features, services, platform user interface (UI), advantages, weaknesses, and overall reliability.

Key Takeaways

  • Meltwater has a simple, navigable UI that combines all your media monitoring tasks. Even first-timers can wholly utilize the platform. Most other brands have a much steeper learning curve by comparison.
  • The Meltwater customer service team is very approachable. Whether you need to inquire about a product or complain about an issue, expect a prompt response. 
  • Although Meltwater customer representatives are personable, they also follow a relatively aggressive sales approach. They’ll pitch products every chance they get. Also, if you don’t immediately sign up for an offer, you can expect multiple follow-up calls and emails.
  • Meltwater uses a limited media monitoring system. It overlooks smaller media sites, only pulls insights from mainstream sources, features few media contacts, and generates overly simple analytics.
  • Although Meltwater scans limited sources, smaller brands and startups can still do plenty with these analytics. Either way, growing businesses don’t get too many mentions yet. However, you might need to consider more sophisticated media monitoring systems once your company expands.
  • Great customer service is always welcome. However, note that Meltwater’s representatives are trained to upsell and pitch continuously. If you dislike product pitches and sales newsletters, look into less aggressive media monitoring companies.

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What Is Meltwater?

Before anything else, let’s assess Meltwater. You’ve likely already seen several ads endorsing it, but what do its products actually do?

Meltwater is a media monitoring company. It provides market and consumer insights by scouring online and offline resources for all mentions of your brand.

Tech entrepreneurs Jørn Lyseggen and Gard Haugen started the company in 2001 under the parent companies Meltwater Ghana B.V. and Meltwater Us Holdings Inc.

Meltwater initially provided manual monitoring services. However, as the company grew, it evolved into a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and developed a commercially available media intelligence platform.

We’ll flesh out Meltwater’s products later in the article. However, to give you an idea of how the company works, we compiled some of the company’s most widely used services: 

  • Consumer Insights
  • Custom Reports
  • Media Database
  • Media Monitoring
  • Newsletters & Newsfeeds
  • Press Distribution
  • PR Reporting
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Social Influencer Marketing
  • Social Listening
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Publishing

The program works out of the box. Using it requires minimal effort, so first-timers don’t have to worry about complex setup and installation instructions.

What Is Meltwater For?

At a basic level, Meltwater media coverage monitoring tracks every digital asset mentioning your brand. It goes through tech review sites, public complaints, real user testimonials, YouTube videos, and even social media posts.

The system doesn’t discriminate between good and bad information. You can rest assured that Meltwater will report everything, from promotional blogs by affiliate partners to unverified rumors circulating on social media sites.

Understanding what Meltwater does is one thing, but assessing its functionality is another. Do you need it for work?

Media monitoring provides several benefits, and we believe every business should track its reputation. However, advanced media intelligence platforms aren’t always necessary.

Based on our research, Meltwater best suits the following professionals:

PR strategists

A good public relations (PR) strategy comprises media research and media coverage. You should wholly understand your target audience, know how to resonate with prospects, and effectively disseminate information about your brand.

Traditionally, PR specialists executed strategies manually. They would read dozens of magazines and newspapers a day and reach out to journalists themselves.

Unfortunately, manual outreach no longer yields excellent results in our modern society. Not only will you waste time and effort, but you’ll likely overlook several media mentions—especially with the sheer number of media publications today.

To streamline the process, you might want to consider Meltwater. It can scour the web for media hits, connect you with media contacts, distribute your press releases to relevant outlets, and perform extensive social media monitoring.

It’s an all-in-one database for all your PR needs. Your PR professionals can utilize the platform’s great reporting analytics to achieve more in a shorter period.

Marketing experts

You can use neither plan nor execute your marketing strategy without the proper data. In most cases, overlooking market research leads to low return on ad spends (ROAS), underspending, and overall poor campaign results.

However, marketing professionals can’t blindly use the same public relations (PR) insights. PR generally focuses on branding and media coverage, while marketing aims to promote a specific product or service.

As such, you need more in-depth media monitoring capabilities. For instance, instead of just reading online news about your brand, you’d do well to track media mentions about your campaign.

Lucky for you, Meltwater filters web and social media analytics. It scours web pages, review sites, and social platforms for super-specific keywords, phrases, and buzzwords that are relevant to your brand and industry.

Remember: customer loyalty and public relations fluctuate. Even billion-dollar tech titans have product launch failures, so it’s important not to assume that your company’s marketing campaigns won’t flop because of historical sales.

Also, you need to make sure your campaigns reach the right audience. Distributing press releases without proper strategies will indiscriminately waste your marketing budget, plus it lowers the ROAS.

Digital marketing startups

The demand for digital marketing services continues to increase. Most SMBs nowadays understand the roles that media coverage and online presence play in building a brand. 

Many clients are less hesitant to spend on ads. If you’ve been meaning to launch a digital marketing agency, now’s the best time to start.

Just understand that the competition is tight. Social media management “professionals” are a dime a dozen, so you need to set yourself apart.

But don’t worry—you don’t have to hire multiple assistants right from the get-go. Instead, we suggest investing in a reliable, affordable monitoring tool like Meltwater, which has a fairly intuitive platform. 

It’s a media intelligence platform that pulls market insights. In just a few hours, this media software will give you all the data you need to understand any brand’s current reputation, strengths, weaknesses, media mentions, target market, and client base.

If used properly, it can help even a small team exponentially boost campaign results.


Many new freelancers struggle with task management. Most of them refrain from subscribing to media software programs or hiring virtual assistants so that they can keep 100% of their profits.

Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t turn out well all the time. Although taking on everything yourself minimizes your expenses, it also hampers your overall productivity rates.

More simply put, your freelancing business produces fewer outputs.

Instead of overloading your daily capacity, it helps to start automating various tasks with online and social media management tools. For instance, you can leave media monitoring to services like Meltwater.

Let’s say you have a client that wants to establish a stronger presence online. You can use Meltwater to assess media coverage, pull market insights, and analyze the brand’s overall standing.

Yes, you’ll have to pay for the software. However, you can use the time you save for core projects like reaching out to media relations, writing press releases, and analyzing the insights Meltwater generates.


Starting a business can feel overwhelming. Between managing your employees at the backend and overseeing daily operations, you’ll barely have any time left for marketing.

Of course, you can hire digital marketing professionals. However, building an entire PR and sales team upon launching your startup will exhaust your resources.

Instead, you might want to equip a handful of marketing pros with tools like Meltwater. You and your team can use AI-generated analytics to create data-backed, objective brand marketing campaigns.

Raid ad spots on social media don’t automatically make your brand popular. You won’t generate results unless you understand the key factors affecting customer engagement and conversion rates across your social media channels.

Bonus: Building brand recognition becomes significantly harder as you expand your target market. Fortunately, Meltwater analytics can help scale your growing business. 

Broaden your media contacts, reach out to media database systems outside your local outlets, and get more media coverage. 

You can’t achieve growth overnight. However, you’ll have an even more challenging time if you rely solely on manual searches.

What Are Meltwater’s Features?

Unfortunately, Meltwater isn’t unique. You’ll come across dozens of media monitoring tools if you research digital marketing tools.

What sets Meltwater apart?

Generally, the company prides itself on its comprehensive, straightforward platform. It boasts that even complete first-timers can navigate the app, pull accurate insights, and execute the different features available.

However, UI is only one part of a good media monitoring tool. To accurately assess whether Meltwater can further your career, check out the features it offers, including:

Consumer Insights

Avoid reusing old data for your PR and marketing strategies. Consumer behavior varies based on personal, cultural, commercial, and seasonal factors, so you must adapt accordingly.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with inefficient strategies. There’s no guarantee that the same approach will work twice, no matter how effective it was the first time.

To ensure that your insights are up to date, equip your social media management team with a media intelligence tool like Meltwater. It gathers current consumer insights.

Understand the data behind offline and online conversions, then assess how you can incorporate them into your tactics. Reusing marketing plans only leads to ad exhaustion.

Just be careful not to exploit current affairs and trends too much, or else your brand might get associated with trendjacking.

Remember: trends help draw attention to you. However, if you want to establish a solid, long-standing company, you must focus on evergreen campaigns.

Custom Reports

Imagine this: You just finished a major marketing or PR campaign. The results met your expectations, but you still have doubts about how your company’s executives, managers, and investors will react.

You can give justice to your hard work by creating a comprehensive business report. Collate all the most critical findings, results, and insights, then explain how they affected the company as a whole.

We understand that not everyone has a knack for reporting. To ensure that you generate an accurate report, consider using a sophisticated media monitoring tool like Meltwater.

At a basic level, it drafts business reports. The system pulls the most crucial insights from your most recent campaign and lays them out on an easy-to-understand chart.

Don’t worry—everything’s customizable. Meltwater has a user-friendly interface that lets you adjust charts, create new reports, and update collected insights with a few clicks.

Media Database

Are your media contacts publishing your press releases? Let’s face it—you can draft the most innovative, engaging press release, but it won’t produce results unless online news outlets use it.

Apart from hiring skilled press release writers, invest in journalist outreach tactics. Having an extensive, updated media database lets your PR department stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t just send your press release to any journalist. Ensure that the topic resonates with them and their publication, or they’ll likely junk it.

Sadly, connecting with journalists is easier said than done. We’ve read horror stories from startups and newbie PR professionals who landed zero media mentions even after pitching thousands of press release drafts.

Some had no choice but to pay for guest posts and backlinks.

Fortunately, Meltwater streamlines the process. It eliminates the barriers between you and media publications by connecting you straight to relevant journalists and decision-makers.

You can rest assured that media lists are frequently updated.

Media Monitoring capabilities

Media monitoring is no longer as simple as it used to be. Statistics show that 252,000+ websites go live daily, and combing through them would take too much time.

Instead, you’d do well to invest in a media monitoring tool. Meltwater pulls media hits from online news outlets, independent review sites, tech blogs, social media pages, print media, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

The system usually takes around an hour to gather information. Afterward, it collates the data and straightforwardly presents them so anyone can understand.

That way, you won’t have to monitor news outlets yourself. We suggest using the human effort and company time you save to analyze the gathered data and assess how to incorporate them into your next strategy.

Pro Tip: You can target specific keywords. For instance, if you’re launching a new product, you’d want to zero in on phrases specific to your campaign, not just your brand.

Newsletters and Newsfeeds

Data organization is the key to news dissemination. Whether you’re sending promotional emails to prospects or informing your employees of company-wide changes, properly manage your content.

Remember that most people nowadays have a short attention span. You only have 5 to 10 seconds to catch the other party’s attention before their mind wanders.

Unfortunately, disinterest causes miscommunication. The person reading your newsletters should properly digest their contents; otherwise, the primary message gets muddled.

If you already know which pieces to share, you can collate them using Meltwater. It provides user-friendly, customizable templates that highlight all the linked social media posts, articles, and newsletters.

Moreover, you can integrate the newsfeed feature with Slack. Create multiple channels for your employees, clients, and media relations, then curate the posts that will appear in them.

Press Distribution

How much time do you spend distributing your press release? Sure, anyone can compose an email within a minute or two, but sending them to a massive media database will take hours.

Unfortunately, journalists work swiftly. Unless you provide them with your press release exactly when they need it, they’ll move on to another story.

One way to speed up press release distribution is to use Meltwater. Apart from connecting you to new media relations, this media intelligence tool also distributes your new press releases in a customized network.

PR Reporting

You can’t solely rely on creativity when writing press releases. They comprise facts, and writers can neither fabricate nor pull data out of thin air.

You need to give their PR writers something to write. Otherwise, you can’t expect impressive press releases if nothing is astounding or newsworthy about the company involved.

With that said, you don’t necessarily have to host PR events nonstop. Instead, use media intelligence tools like Meltwater to pull and collate insights from your company’s recent projects.

What we liked about Meltwater is it simplifies complex data. It gathers crucial information and presents it in a straightforward, digestible format—which any PR professional can understand.

Run the tool regularly. That way, you’ll have something to send to your media database network every day.

Real-Time Alerts

Competitor analysis is a crucial element of social media management. To stay ahead, you need to know the latest industry trends, current market shares, and top-ranking competitor brands.

Of course, you can easily monitor online news through search engines. However, doing so wastes too much time, plus Google’s search function generates too many irrelevant results.

If you want to compile all relevant data in a single dashboard, get Meltwater. It pulls topics, blogs, and news about your industry—which multiple authorized users from your company can access.

We suggest adding your PR and marketing professionals to your account. PR writers should know what they’re up against when pitching stores, while marketers must have a clear understanding of the market’s current situation.

Sales Intelligence

Traditional sales managers have been preaching the Always Be Closing tactic for decades. They believe that everyone is a potential customer.

However, research indicates that selling indiscriminately to strangers no longer yields results in today’s technologically advanced society. 

Consumers don’t respond well to hard-selling tactics. Instead, they now prefer researching products online and reaching out to brands themselves.

With that said, your sales people shouldn’t drop hard-selling techniques altogether. The best tactic is to zero in on prospects that are already on the verge of buying your products and services—or at least something similar.

For instance, let’s say you sell treadmills. Instead of cold calling random homeowners, run ads on social media channels targeting users who have recently searched about cardio exercises, ab routines, and diets.

With the proper research, buying customers will come to you.

Social Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing ranks among the most lucrative industries today. It nearly doubled in value over the past couple of years, and statistics show that the market’s value will continue increasing.

However, influencer marketing has also changed significantly. Blindly executing the same strategies you used one or two years ago will only lead to a wasted marketing budget.

Instead, revamp your tactics with Meltwater. It features a sophisticated social influencer marketing platform that connects you with influencers suited for your business.

Admittedly, dozens of tools offer the same service. What we liked about Meltwater, however, is that it creates a custom influencer database founded on several critical factors, not just clout.

Remember that a huge following doesn’t always lead to sales. You’d do well to collaborate with a trusted influencer who’s widely known in your industry, respected by your target market, and proven to show amazing weekly progress.

Social Listening

Social listening plays a crucial role in market analysis. You’d do well to track the social posts, pictures, and comments mentioning your brand; otherwise, you’ll overlook many critical market insights.

Remember: customers bring various experiences online. Whether they want to post a picture of their latest purchase or complain about a bad shopping experience, they’ll visit their favorite social media site.

However, note that social media monitoring requires a lot of human effort. Global enterprises with billions of customers even dedicate entire departments to social monitoring. 

After all, 500,000+ social media comments are posted per minute. You can’t expect just one or two people to gather all relevant insights manually.

With that said, you don’t necessarily have to build a social listening team. If you want accurate insights without going over the budget, invest in Meltwater’s social media listening services.

As its name suggests, it gathers brand-relevant posts on social media channels. Analyzing this data will give you first-hand insights into how consumers see your company and what factors affect their purchasing decisions.

Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

Social media analytics comprise various critical market insights. They contain crucial factors that affect consumer behavior, shopping trends, and market movement.

However, not all data applies to your business. Statistics show that 4.26 billion people use social media channels, but only a minuscule portion will match your buyer persona.

You need to filter your data. Otherwise, you’ll waste ad spend and human effort analyzing and making sense of insights that don’t apply to your business.

A solid filtering approach is to use Meltwater. Its analytics tools scour social media platforms for all relevant comments, posts, press release statements, and online news.

Afterward, it fleshes out the data. For many first-timers, they’ll only understand number-heavy reports that are collated into straightforward, clear-cute charts.

Social Media Engagement

Managing your business’s social media page might seem easy at first. Startups don’t get too many inquiries, so you will likely spend most of your time drafting stuff to post.

However, as your business grows, management will become more hectic. 

Imagine if your Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts got dozens of product inquiries daily. You might not have time to answer all of them anymore.

Moreover, switching between multiple social media channels wastes too much time, no matter what platform you use.

To streamline your social media engagement strategy, get Meltwater. It integrates all your socials so that you can manage everything in one straightforward, user-friendly system.

Moreover, Meltwater has an excellent user interface. One account can accommodate multiple users, plus you can limit accessibility if you don’t want to delegate specific admin tasks.

Pro Tip: Create a separate account for your media relations. Otherwise, you might overlook critical messages that get mixed in with random chats and inquiries.

Social Media Publishing

Too many startups underestimate social media management. Sure, posting a few status updates and some product shots might draw attention, but they won’t improve your online visibility.

To elevate your branding and reach, bolster your social media channels. Shoot promotional videos, hire artists to create stunning posters, incorporate your logo into your products, and, of course, engage with the customers.

Now, elevating your social media management strategy requires a budget increase. However, you don’t necessarily have to build a new department.

The more cost-effective approach is to equip your social media account managers with a reliable monitoring tool like Meltwater. It comes with a content scheduling system.

Your marketers can schedule posts two to four weeks ahead. Having a fresh, ready-to-upload post in your calendar ensures that your brand won’t go inactive if your creatives run out of ideas.

How Much Does Meltwater Cost?

So, how much does Meltwater cost? If you check its website, you’ll see that the company doesn’t explicitly state how much its products cost.

To get a sample quote, you have to request a demo. Afterward, an account rep will reach out to you and discuss the pricing models of the different features you want.

Admittedly, several companies follow the same tactics. They blatantly avoid releasing their pricing models and packages so that prospects divulge their contact information.

No, we can’t call them deceptive business practices. However, our only complaint is that Meltwater seems to focus so much on hard-selling that it already sounds like a shady MLM scam.

We even read reviews from customers that got varying rates. Their account reps would trick them into signing up prematurely by confusing them with seemingly great deals and discounts.

Nonetheless, the company is legit. However, we would appreciate it if Meltwater would indicate their prices right from the get-go.

How Much Does Meltwater Cost?

So, how much does Meltwater cost? If you check its website, you’ll see that the company doesn’t explicitly state how much its products cost.

To get a sample quote, you have to request a demo. Afterward, an account rep will reach out to you and discuss the pricing models of the different features you want.

Admittedly, several companies follow the same tactics. They blatantly avoid releasing their pricing models and packages so that prospects divulge their contact information.

No, we can’t call them deceptive business practices. However, our only complaint is that Meltwater seems to focus so much on hard-selling that it already sounds like a shady MLM scam.

We even read reviews from customers that got varying rates. Their account reps would trick them into signing up prematurely by confusing them with seemingly great deals and discounts.

Nonetheless, the company is legit. However, we would appreciate it if Meltwater would indicate their prices right from the get-go.

Requesting a demo

To get accurate, customized pricing, reach out to Meltwater. Don’t worry—you won’t fall victim to cheezy sales tactics if you already know what to expect.

Based on reviews, annual plans typically cost $4,000 to $6,000. However, expect your account rep to open with a much higher rate so that the actual fees seem lower by comparison.

sentiment analysis

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Meltwater?

Meltwater is a decent media monitoring tool. It holds up its end of the bargain and provides accurate market insights for your PR or marketing strategy.

However, we can’t blindly recommend it to everyone. 

As with any marketing tool, Meltwater has strengths and limitations. And if you’re still on the fence about signing up for an account, understanding them might help you reach an objective, informed decision quicker.


The following pros set Meltwater apart from the competition:

  • Different features: Meltwater features an array of products. You can add multiple Meltwater services to the company’s integrated social solution and media intelligence platform. Get exactly what you need.
  • Multiple pricing options: You can customize your package based on the services you add to your account. Again, pricing ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 per annum. However, you can expect much cheaper estimates if you only need one or two services.
  • Robust media intelligence tool: Meltwater is a robust media intelligence tool. You’d be hard-pressed to find another tool that offers as many services at the same price point.
  • Proven, tenure company: Meltwater has been around for more than two decades now. Not only has it improved its media monitoring system, but it also evolved into a SaaS service provider.
  • User-friendly platform: Meltwater is easy to use. Based on the reviews we read, even first-timers with absolutely zero experience had no trouble.

Overall, we think Meltwater makes for an excellent media monitoring tool for beginners. It’s simple and affordable.


Although Meltwater has its upsides, there are also several reasons why you might dislike the company, including its:

  • Limited monitoring system: Mid-level enterprises that need in-depth results should consider other options. Meltwater has a limited monitoring system. We’ve read several reviews saying it misses mentions from small, lesser-known media outlets.
  • Hard-selling agents: Expect to come across hard-selling agents. The Meltwater team is infamous for its aggressive, traditional sales approach, which many might not appreciate. Also, prepare yourself for multiple follow-ups. Your sales agent will likely pester you until you give a definitive answer—or block their contact information altogether.
  • Vague pricing model: Meltwater doesn’t disclose pricing upfront. You’ll have to request a demo and speak with an agent before you get an accurate pricing estimate. We understand that packages vary based on one’s chosen features. However, the company should at least give clients an idea of how much they’ll likely shell out for an account.
  • Inaccurate monitoring results: Meltwater doesn’t provide the most accurate results. Seasoned marketers and company executives might be disappointed if the system pulls up dated, incorrect results. It doesn’t always spot typos.
  • Limited media database: Meltwater prides itself on its extensive media database. However, we read reviews from several SMBs claiming the media lists don’t refer journalists relevant to their industries. Meanwhile, others say their emails just bounced.

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Meltwater if you want a sophisticated, hyper-accurate media monitoring tool for a sizable company.

What Do People Say About Meltwater?

After scouring review sites like GetApp, TrustPilot, TrustRadius, and Gartner Peer Insights, we found that Meltwater draws a lot of mixed reviews. Its strengths and limitations are very obvious.

For instance, most positive reviews talk about the platform’s ease of use and functionality. They share how Meltwater helped jumpstart their small business, startup idea, or freelancing career through reliable media insights. 

Alternatively, most negative reviews talk about limitations. Users were complaining that the system missed several mentions, produced inaccurate results, and generated a useless journalist database.

Based on these comments, you can already assess that Meltwater best suits beginners. Its robust, straightforward platform provides everything newbies need to fast-track their PR and marketing strategies.

However, you can’t bank on them to scale your business. The media pulls are limited to mainstream media outlets, some journalists on the database are no longer active, and the monitoring system generates inaccurate results.

What Are The Alternatives To Meltwater?

By now, you likely have a firm grasp of what Meltwater does and whether it’s the right tool for your business. After going through its features, pricing model, services, reviews, pros, and cons, you should be able to make an informed, objective assessment.

If you think you’ll benefit from Meltwater, you can call its sales team or customer support. You can share your media monitoring needs and ask about the packages available.

Also, you can negotiate with your agent. Meltwater has a flexible pricing model; you shouldn’t sign up for the first offer you get because your sales agent can likely match it with even better rates. 

Google Alerts

We highly encourage everyone to try Google Alerts before signing up for Meltwater. It easily ranks among the top media monitoring tools to date.

The system sends you first-hand insights in real-time every time it detects relevant mentions from tech sites, bloggers, videos, podcasts, and social media comments. You can also monitor industry topics and key influencers.

As you might have guessed, Google owns Google Alerts. So, you can rest assured that it will provide accurate, reliable insights into the current search engine results page (SERP) rankings. 


Brands focused on branding should look into Brand24. It uses a sophisticated social listening tool that scours social and mainstream media platforms in all languages.

Of course, no monitoring tool is perfect. However, Brand24 goes the extra mile by providing extensive data and scanning various sources, from the comments sections of small Facebook pages to the featured articles of main news outlets. 


Digital marketers and freelancers focused solely on SEO growth should consider SEMrush. It stands alongside Ahrefs as one of the most trusted SEO tools today.

Unlike other media monitoring systems, SEMrush assesses the overall domain authority of every site that mentions your brand. After all, backlinks from credible sources also improve your ranking.

You can also use SEMrush to pull trending keywords, marketing buzzwords, and SEO phrases, which you can incorporate into your copies. Use words that your target markets will likely search for.

Is Meltwater a Good Tool?

Admittedly, Meltwater draws a lot of flak from many users who have tried it. Based on the reviews we read, many Meltwater users weren’t pleased with the system’s laggy platform, aggressive sales team, and limited monitoring technologies.

That said, it’s still not fair to say you should avoid Meltwater altogether. You might still find it working for you based on your needs.

Yes, the platform has shortcomings. However, it’s also a simple, one-stop-shop media monitoring solution that makes collecting information about your brand easier.

Overall, we think Meltwater suits small and medium-sized businesses and first-time marketers. Automating media monitoring tasks will save your startup plenty of company time and human effort.

However, larger enterprises should consider other options. You need a more sophisticated monitoring tool that provides broader and more in-depth results to cover your industry.

Remember: PR and marketing strategies only deliver results if you use accurate, relevant data.

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