PR Success Stories Via Help a Reporter Out

PR Success Stories Via Help a Reporter Out

Getting media coverage for a company or product has never been as necessary as today. Aside from major news publications, influencer marketing has flooded social media. With these saturated media outlets, getting the attention of writers and journalists almost seem far-fetched.

But that’s how Help A Reporter Out perfectly fits the puzzle. It understands your need for a successful PR campaign adhering to modern changes and trends. Data shows that over 88% of PR professionals and 80% of marketers believe that the future of communications is digital storytelling. 

HARO simplifies the job of positioning you as an expert who can contribute value to media producers like journalists, reporters, bloggers, and more through email outreach. Statistics reveal that 93% of journalists prefer 1:1 email as the best pitching method.

If you’re yet to explore the success of your PR stories using HARO or if you’ve been trying but failed, read on the following public relations examples that have made their way to big shows and major publications.

A HARO Starter Lands in AP News

Lisa Strong, the CEO and President of Strong Marketing, revealed they have just recently started using HARO when they saw the “Tax Law Query for Small Businesses” and matched it to their startup client, S.D. Strong Distilling. A quick and unique response to the inquiry was all it needed to land in AP News.

Jerell Klaver, the owner of  S.D. Strong Distilling, did great in the interview and was even photographed by an AP Photographer for the story. 

S.D. Strong Distilling was a startup working hard to spread the word when it landed in the Associated Press (AP) News. Having more than half of the world as AP’s audience, the business got the positive exposure it needed to be established. So far, it has been covered by 12 more major outlets, such as Fox 4 and The Kansas City Star.

HARO Delivering “Lambs To The Slaughter”

Gary Frisch the Founder and President of Swordfish Communications, a full-service public relations agency in South Jersey, described HARO as delivering “lambs to the slaughter.” 

In his blog in the Bulldog Reporter, he wrote: “It’s no great secret that HARO can be a valuable tool for public relations professionals, business owners and others, literally delivering reporters interested in your thoughts to your inbox, like lambs to the slaughter.” 

Gary revealed that using HARO in a span of six months alone has connected him and his clients to outreach writers from Forbes, Inc., the Associated Press, AOL’s Daily Finance, Nightclub & Bar Magazine, The Washington Post,, and The Huffington Post. 

By using HARO, he has formed new good relationships with some writers and content producers and reignited old relationships too. 

He defines HARO as the most reactive form of public relations, so if you’re not reading HARO, “You’re simply unconcerned with trying to get your business name out there,“ he added.

PR Strategist Appearing in National TV Multiple Times

Christina Daves of CastMedic Designs, a self-taught PR strategist who started with no budget for PR Campaigns, appeared thrice on the Emmy® Award Winning Steve Harvey Show after answering the query, “Do you want to take your product to the next level?”

To date, she has appeared in over 1,000 media outlets, such as the Today Show. She was also mentioned in numerous print publications, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success, The Washington Post, etc., as well as internet publications and radio interviews like Sirius XM and Bloomberg.

Today, Christina offers PR Coaching and Training for people to achieve massive publicity success. 

PR Success Stories Via Help a Reporter Out

Freelance Writer Increases Brand Awareness

HARO might be ideal for service or product-based companies, but this successful PR campaign proves how HARO works beyond imaginable even if you’re a writer or a freelancer.

One of the public relations examples that resulted in more than the desired outcome is the success of Carrie Aulenbacher, a Romance author and freelance writer.

She started looking into HARO to boost exposure for a new novel. Since then, she has been using the platform for brand awareness as she ventures off to do the things she loves: writing and freelancing. 

Through HARO, she has contributed to The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Women’s Health, Yahoo, Huffington Post,, Business Management Daily, Monster, Psychology Today, and many more. 

Carrie told Cision: “It’s more than backlinks to me; it’s about developing relationships!”

Aside from that win, a HARO inquiry landed her a job in Fridge Magazine as a regular columnist.

Wrapping Up

As time goes by, more clients discover how essential HARO is in landing their PR stories on reputable publications in different industries. To optimize your chances in HARO, hone your pitching and editing skills, and work with the speed of lightning. Above all, make sure to provide value. If you contribute something valuable, PR, backlinks, and content exposure are likely to come to you instead of you using all your resources elsewhere just for someone to notice your press releases. 

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